Code Reader™ 4300Mobility Barcode Readers

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Code Reader™ 4300

Barcode Reading in a Whole New Light.

As business applications go mobile, various solutions have come to market to equip these mobile devices with barcode reading capabilities. The CR4300, however, is revolutionizing how mobile devices become enterprise-grade barcode readers.

The CR4300 takes the camera from an iPod® or iPhone® and combines it with a patented optical platform and world-class decoding software to create a user-friendly,
high-performance barcode reader. The intuitive targeting bar and built-in left/right scan buttons provide a familiar interface for users to easily "point and shoot” their way through reading the toughest 1D and 2D barcodes.

Features and Benefits

Applications: Bedside medication administration,mobile phlebotomy, point of sale,event management, home health,positive patient identification,patient-to-device association, inventory, line busting, field services

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