CortexRM™Remote Management

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CortexRM™ is a remote management tool designed to give the IT department the ability to manage a fleet of Code barcode readers from a single location, by using the same tool, or tools, already being used to manage other hardware devices deployed across an enterprise. CortexRM™ gives instant visibility and control of a barcode reader, no matter where it is located or how it is connected.

CortexRM™ Features and Benefits:

  • Upgrade barcode reader firmware across your entire enterprise on your schedule
  • CortexRM™ is designed to work with your remote management software used to manage additional equipment in your facility
  • Check the battery life, serial numbers, firmware version and more
  •  Send configuration files to enable or disable features
  •  CortexRM™ works with either Bluetooth® or tethered Code readers
  •  Compatible with Windows® 7 or Windows® XP operating systems